EU and International Transport and Removals

Fully licensed for international and EU removals

Since the 21st of May 2022, all goods vehicle operators running vehicles over 2400kg gross weight (our luton vans are 3500kg gross) are required to have a formal operators license. This is typically not provided by your average small removal company or Man & Van setups. 

We are required to provide a full maintenance schedule every 12 weeks and have a fully registered transport manager. What this means for you, is that your goods will arrive both legally and safely, as there shouldn’t be any issues either at the ports or en-route. 

We believe this sets us apart from some of the smaller less regulated enterprises and means we can offer you, a much better professional service. We have been running a transport business for over a decade and therefore, we have encountered many challenges. This means most issues don’t faze us. We work with a few trusted freight and customs agents, so that we can make sure your goods arrive safely and legally.

We have conducted multiple removals across Europe, from a simple removal to Utrecht in holland (our first international removal), to an amazing experience delivering Windows and doors Essex to Dick & Angel and their chateau. Definitely something we will never forget!

Our vans have travelled between most of Western Europe fault free, except for a minor breakdown in Mannheim, Germany. Where the lovely people at Mercedes got our truck running within 24 hours!

We run Sprinter vans for the most part, as they are incredibly reliable, which means we need to worry less about something going wrong on a removal.

We have worked loading up our trucks in searing heat upwards of 40C (Germany) to as low as -7C while travelling up to Scotland. We have seen incredibly mountains, sun-rises and tasted incredible local cuisines en route to our customers addresses. It certainly is enjoyable for us and this means we can put our all into your removal too. 

Your move means almost as much to us, as it does for you! Not to Mention the fact we have met some incredible customers which inspire us to see more and do more for everyone.

We would very much like you to get in touch with us, if you need our services. We offer alot of help in regard to your customs declaration. It is not as simple to move now, due to Brexit, But we do our utmost to make it as simple as straight forward for you.

We will liaise with yourself and the customs agent to make your move as smooth as possible.

There are sometimes situations where it makes more sense to forward your belongings with one of our trusted carrier partners.

This is sometimes more cost effective or quicker, depending on your moving requirement.

Prepare for your international delivery

Here are a few bits of information we need in order to get your international removal or delivery up and running:

  1. Flexibility on dates?
  2. Full addresses?
  3. Type of property to and from?
  4. Is it a delivery, removal or full relocation?
  5. Is there any help to be provided to our driver at the European destination/collection?
  6. Are you wanting us to pack up your belongings or are you doing it yourself?
  7. Have you already started working on your customs declaration or do you require us to help you with it?
  8. Are there any local obstacles we need to arrange such as parking or clean air zones, toll roads that we need to be aware of?
  9. How urgent is your delivery? Do you need it transporting as quickly as possible or are you more flexible on time frame?