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Head Office: 9am - 9pm Monday - Sunday

Address:     14 Queenshill drive, Leeds, LS176BG



Packaging advice

I have put together some information to help make your life a lot easier come the moving day. Some of it is very important. Some of it is optional. But have a quick read through and I m sure you will find some useful pointers. If you need any more advice in regard to how to prepare you for your removal, please don't hesitate to contact me on the numbers above.

Helpful tips ( Saving you time & money

 1. Pack all boxes full when possible, tape them closed from both top and bottom.

 2.Try not to make all boxes too heavy, The removal man is human after-all.

19.Try to be as organised as possible, it helps speed things up. Its unbelievable how the little things can knock hours off the length of a removal. If you are moving on a budget, getting items downstairs or close to the door, can really be clever, especially if your being charged an hourly rate.

4. Delicate items need wrapping, keeping them loose is asking for trouble.

15. Make sure to let the removal man know of all of the cargo before he starts loading, the last thing he wants is a delicate mirror after his van is packed. Contrary to popular belief. Delicate items do not go in last. They go in where they can be protected and secured. Not next to the “un-packable items such as lawn mowers & bicycles.

Organisation advice

 10. If you haven't pre-arranged for any furniture to be taken apart during the removal, make sure to disassemble difficult to manoeuvre objects such as beds fully. In order to make the removal as smooth and stress free as possible.

11. Try to free up a path from your stuff to the van, so its clear and easy to move your stuff. Using door wedges or extinguishers.

12. Get all similar shape items next to each other. E.G Boxes and square furniture, ironing boards and headboards etc.

6. Use high quality boxes. Or banana crates. Try to avoid using crisp boxes as much as possible. They're extremely weak.

General , during & after the removal

13. Un-plumb the washing machine, and put all removable pipes into the drum. There are often clips around the back of the washing machine to secure the waste pipe onto. But be warned, washing machine waste water needs emptying out. It is vile smelly & downright horrible. Try empty the pipe so it wont spill onto anything or anybody.

8. The kettle should always be the last thing to pack away! Its needed :)

9. Keep your underwear bagged up.. Draws have to be removed when the item is heavy. So your undergarments will be on show!

14. Empty the fridge...... Those eggs will make a terrible mess, I can assure you.

3. When there are lots poles or tall thin items. Tape them together. It makes things a lot quicker.

20. If paying in cash, Try get the money before the job begins, so no trips to cash machines are required.

18.  Leave a review if you feel the removal man has gone the extra mile, it doesn't cost anything and makes ALL the difference.

7. Those cheap plastic tubs from supermarkets are rubbish, they crack really easily.. so don't waste your money on them. Purchase proper removals boxes, you wont have any trouble!

16. When describing the removal on the phone to the removal man. Mention everything, little insignificant things can be quite the opposite! Some items can require special attention. So it helps to fully explain what you need moving.

5. Try make things as flat or square as possible. Such as disassembling tables . It makes it easier to pack.

17. Always offer a hot drink to the removal man when possible. Always a good move! The removal team are doing heavy physical exercise. So any hydration on offer will be much appreciated by us. If you really want to be generous, We’re quite partial to Tunnock’s Caramel Bars :)