Waste Clearance

Junk pile of wood outside house rubbish for clearance
Old electronic waste and other iron things ready for pick up for recycling, bulky waste in a street

Fully licensed and insured waste carriers

At Yorkshire Van Man we are proud to be fully licensed and insured waste carriers and we specialise in clearing domestic and office waste.

We can clear pretty much anything from a house or an office, from desks and partition walls to sofas, wardrobes, beds and tables. We have a team of trained staff capable of clearing out apartments, houses, or even whole office blocks, and after many years of waste clearance experience we are experts in dismantling furniture!

When arranging waste clearance with Yorkshire Van Man, you can rest assured that all materials will be disposed of responsibly at a local recycling centre, where it can be processed in accordance with regulations.

Our waste clearance rates reflect the fact that we are responsible in the way we handle your waste. We do not claim to be the cheapest, but working with us offers the peace of mind that you’re not going to see your waste fly-tipped at a roadside or dumped carelessly anywhere.

We’re an official, licensed company. Stairs and corridors no problem if stuff needs carrying.

Why not use a skip?

There are several reasons to choose Yorkshire Van Man for waste clearance services rather than hiring a skip.

First of all, you don’t need to apply for parking permission when you hire Yorkshire Van Man, whereas you do need permission to place a skip on your street.

Next, there’s the benefit to your back! While loading a skip can be a pain, our team of waste clearance experts spare your spine the task of bearing the weight of your waste and carry it for you.

Our waste clearance vans are also more efficient, providing 20 cubic metres of space for your waste, compared to the 12.2 cubic metre volume of a standard skip.

There are some scenarios in which a skip is more suitable for waste clearance, such as when clearing rubble or heavy, bulky, dirty waste. Our recommendation for skip hire in Leeds and the surrounding area is Jeff Skinner Skip Hire Ltd.

Fly-tipped household furniture, clearance and industrial waste dumped in the countryside

What types of waste do we clear?

We dispose of all waste by category, and the process of separating out different types of waste is key to responsible disposal.

Wood waste includes any wood derivative with small amounts of metal or glass attached, while general waste includes items made of fabric, plastics and so on, such as sofas. Scrap metal is another category, and we dispose of all scrap metal appropriately. TVs and fridges are a separate category, and for these items we pay per unit for waste disposal.

Our charges for waste clearance are based on the fees we pay for the various categories of waste disposal. As such, when getting in touch for a quote it helps if you have already separated out your waste into categories so that we can provide an accurate quote.

We also offer home clearance services in circumstances of bereavement or probate, and we can provide your solicitor and administrator with invoices for clearance services.

Waste clearance tips

  • 1. Access!

    Make sure your waste is accessible before you invite us round to collect it. We’ll need room for our van to park up, and the waste will need to be somewhere that our team can reach it and carry it safely to the van.

  • 2. Wet waste warning!

    Don’t leave furniture or other waste outside unless there’s absolutely no alternative – wet waste is heavier and more difficult to get rid of than dry waste, not to mention more expensive due to the increased weight. Keep your waste inside or at the very least make sure it’s covered.

  • 3. No food waste please!

    We believe the best place for food waste is bin wagons – they are equipped to deal with all manner of soggy, smelly food waste whereas we are not!

Our waste clearance services are offered on an hourly rate that varies depending on the nature of the job.

If you’re not sure whether we can clear your waste, get in touch! We will be happy to have a chat and let you know whether or not we can help, and if we can’t clear your waste ourselves we’ll offer recommendations on other services.

Pile of junk outside a house